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Account Deletion

IKTS Pekanbaru

The Procedure

We strive to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.

For Android and iOS users, before proceeding please review the following steps:

Step 1: Consider Your Decision

We encourage you to consider the implications of deleting your account. Once your account is deleted, all associated data, including profile information, saved preferences, and any content you’ve created, will be permanently removed. This action is irreversible.

Step 2: Backup Important Data

If you wish to retain any data or information associated with your account, please ensure you have made necessary backups or saved relevant content externally. Once the account is deleted, we will not be able to recover any data.

Step 3: Initiating Account Deletion

To request the deletion of your account, please follow these steps:

  1. From your IKTS mobile app, on the your top right of your screen go to

    ☰ (Android) and (iOS)

  2. Navigate to “Hapus Akun”
  3. Select “Ya” to confirm your account deletion
  4. You will be redirected to the Home page on your app and no longer have access to your Profile page
  5. Admin IKTS Pekanbaru will receive your account deletion request

Step 4: Confirmation

After submitting the account deletion request, you no longer have access to your Profile page and other features exclusive to members:

  • Member’s e-card
  • Membership number
  • Annual membership payment history
  • etc 

Step 5: Finalization

Once the account deletion request is confirmed, your account and all associated data will be permanently deleted from our system. You will not be able to recover this information.

Contact Us

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance with the account deletion process, please don’t hesitate to contact our Admin IKTS Pekanbaru at +628127685525 / +6276145525. We are here to help and will assist you through the process.