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Workshop on teaching factory

Over a period of 3 days, our team led by Eko Nur Arifin (Orenda Dev Team Lead), Dhani Aditya (Product Lead) and Surya Dharma (Product Design Lead) were given the opportunity to share about the startup ecosystem as well as a workshop on teaching factory between Orenda Digital Agency and SMK PGRI Pekanbaru.

We were given a very warm welcome from SMK PGRI Pekanbaru and we could tell that everyone in the institution is very excited and confident about business digitalization.

Day 01 – 05/10/2022
Workshop on socializing about teaching factory

Day 02 – 06/10/2022
Workshop on preparation of development plans for teaching factory

Day 03 – 07/10/2022
Workshop on preparation of learning device and medium for teaching fact